Welcome — we’re on a mission to grow the podcast creator economy, and we’d like your help to get there. We’re excited you’re considering working with us and want to do our best to explain why we care about this, and why the work you do at OneFinePlay could be the most impactful of your career. We're always looking for talented humans who are interested in building the future alongside us.

💚 Open Roles

Growth Marketing Manager

✍️ How To Apply

Email your CV and links to any relevant experience to [email protected]

🎙 About OneFinePlay

OneFinePlay is the UK’s leading production company for ‘conscious’ podcasters. OneFinePlay is a full-service podcast agency based in London and exists to move the conversations that really matter, online. Our roster of podcasts aim to move the listener, both emotionally and in the direction of their future, better self.

OneFinePlay delivers on its mission by providing production, distribution, strategic development and commercialisation support to our creators while developing new opportunities for revenue growth and diversification. We do not take on a large number of projects. Our strategy is to focus and be selective in finding talent and stories that reflect our brand values and have the capacity to be scaled into an 'experience' by expanding into other mediums.

Through our 'extended podcast family', we have the ability to take audio content and propel it in to the US mainstream audience, the largest podcast audience in the world and with the highest advertising revenues. We work with the host to ensure the content has reach and cultural capacity in the US as well as the UK.

Our podcasts cover topics from overcoming fear with Cressida Bonas, stepping up to the climate crisis with Cara Delevingne and life's toughest moments with Ross Kemp to the power of breathwork, redefining how we spend our time and exploring the 'zero waste' lifestyle.

🧍‍♂️ About The Founder

James Bishop (37), is the founder of OneFinePlay and one of the leading voices in podcasting.

James launched fully-serviced podcast company, OneFinePlay in 2019 on no more than a hunch and an instinct that the industry needed a business that cut through the crap and offered strategic output rather than waffle and jargon. Today, the business not only allows clients to implement leading tech solutions to rapidly grow and commercialise their podcast offering, but it is also the UK’s primary production company for ‘conscious’ podcasters.

By focusing only on working with talent and projects that reflect his own brand values, James has quickly established a roster unrivalled in the industry – with their podcasts covering topics from stepping up to the climate crisis with Cara Delevingne, life's toughest moments with Ross Kemp and overcoming fear with Cressida Bonas to the power of breathwork, redefining how we spend our time and exploring the 'zero waste' lifestyle.

An entrepreneur at heart, prior to OneFinePlay James founded bar staff hire agency, Hire The Barman in 2009 before selling in 2014 and spending the next 12 months making sports documentaries at Goalhanger Films. He also spent five years volunteering at Young Enterprise UK, mentoring thousands of young people during this time.

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